Electric Circulation Heating Systems

3 KW, 6 KW, & 11.5 KW Circulation Heater Contruction Features

*Incoloy steel heating elements

*Adjustable thermostat 60°F-107°F range (2 degree diff.) on 6 KW heater

*Well insulated with fiberglass insulation

*For use with 240V single phase power

*Can be used with 208 Voltage, but heating is reduced 25%

*Can be used with 120 Voltage, but heating is reduced 75%

*Little Giant pump is 1/40 H.P. - 230V. - circulated 600 GPH at 1-foot head

*Hi-Limit overheat switch set at 118°F (± 4°)
Notes:  This system is meant to be installed according to all NEC and IBC building codes by a licensed plumber and electrician.  Failure to do so could result in injury or death.  This system is a permanent installation to your existing baptistry and attaches directly to the outside of the pool.  The picture above shows the basic package with the heater, pump, & installation kit.  We also offer auto fill and drain systems with these heaters.
For pricing, please see our circulation heater prices page...